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Though same-sex marriage legislation is sweeping the world over, there remains a discouragingly low population of wedding planners that can be called upon to help gay couples plan the big day of their dreams. Iowa’s Gay Wedding Planner aims to be a part of the solution by offering practical solutions, collaborating expertly with couples, and keeping a keen eye on the details that will make or break the vibe of your wedding day.

Iowa’s Gay Wedding Planner knows what hurdles may lie ahead in the wedding planning process, and we’re prepared to help you along every step of the way – even after the “I do’s.”

Ready, Set, Plan! A Brief Guide to Honeymoon Success

What many couples look forward to as much as the wedding day itself, is the day following it: the day they embark on their honeymoon. This is a cherished time for most, where they can focus on one another and the excitement that the future will bring in their shared lives together. But before the departure day comes, there’s a lot of planning that goes into its fruition. In this guide, we’ll help you get your honeymoon planning started off right, to minimize your stress and let you look toward what comes next with exuberance and delight.

Start Planning Early

Oftentimes, it is much less expensive to make your bookings well in advance. This includes your hotel, your flight, and any other reservations that you need to schedule to stay on-track with your itinerary. Shop around to find the best deals through various reservation providers. Online browsing makes this much simpler than it used to be. Write down and compare your options carefully, and then book what seems to be the best fit for your timeframe and your budget.

Work Together in the Planning Stages

If one partner gets saddled with all of the planning for any reason, this can breed resentment on both ends. The planning partner might feel overwhelmed at the heaping responsibility on their plate. The other partner might feel bothered by the choices that were made, that they didn’t have an active say in. Instead of shouldering one partner with everything (or even most things) try to set aside designated times where you are both available to sit down and plan together. This will reduce stress by keeping you both on the same page!

Get the Help of a Travel Agent

Especially if you are traveling abroad for your honeymoon, travel agents can be your most valuable resource. They have connections and resources to get you into the best spots that you can afford, even opening up some options that might not have been available if not for their help. Agents have relationships with location hoteliers and other destinations, so you never know what kind of helping hand your agent can provide!

Have Fun – But Relax Too

Sure, lying on the beach is awesome, but is that all you want to do for 7 days or more? There can be a fine line between relaxation and boredom. Many couples choose to keep a happy balance by incorporating activities into their honeymoon adventures. Plan an itinerary of events that you and your partner can get excited about, like a tour, bar crawl, museum, or other area where you share an interest. Decide what times of day (or night) you want to reserve for yourselves in private and which times are better spent adventuring.

3 Things Every Couple Should Know About Wedding Photography

While every wedding is unique, there are some traditions and rituals that have endured the tests of time and have become a staple to many, if not most, wedding day celebrations. One of the most enduring of these rituals is wedding photos.

Of course, everybody wants to capture snapshots that commemorate the day where a couple has exchanged their vows of love and devotion. It’s not hard to see why staged, professional photographs have become borderline essential to weddings worldwide. But if you’ve never been married before, you don’t really know what you’re getting into. You won’t until the moment arrives, which can be stressful after all this time spent carefully calculating and planning.

This article will help you navigate the difficult surprises that may come up during your time spent with your wedding photographer.

What You Need to Know About Wedding Photography

Yes, you should be relying on the expertise and professional opinion of your professional wedding photographer for a bulk of the experience. However, it will drastically improve your time spent if you walk into your wedding day with some knowledge in your pocket. Here are three things that you, as the spouses-to-be, should know ahead of time.

Big Group Pictures are a Pain

For everyone involved, group wedding portraits can be quite agitating. It’s not exactly as simple as smushing everyone together so they fit into the frame and getting them to say “cheese!” Lighting and composition will be taken into consideration by any professional photographer, and the unpredictability of large groups can add some difficulty. Your photographer may need to re-stage the shot a few times and prompt several people to help ensure the best image possible.

You, your spouse, the photographer and the guests might grow agitated or bored but rest assured that it will end! Discuss with your photographer when the best time might be to stage these particularly challenging shots.

Backdrops Make a Big Impact – not the Details

While you might be invested in a really cool detail that will add some “oomph” to certain pictures, know that most details will be missed across the photos taken. A wedding backdrop is significantly more impactful, especially during the ceremony when the photographer typically has minimal room to work. In many venues, the backdrop does a lot of work to help make each photo interesting.

Plan Some Extra Time

Just in case of the unexpected, you should try to accommodate an extra hour into your preparations prior to the wedding ceremony. Weddings can be hectic events where anything can happen. Sometimes, couples end up frantically trying to recover with no time to spare. This doesn’t make it easy to get that elated vibe that should be present in your photos. If the unexpected doesn’t happen and you have time to spare, this time can be used to relax a bit before festivities kick off.

Hire Us

For many couples, planning a wedding is one of the most stressful undertakings they will embark on at the beginning of their lives together. Iowa’s Gay Wedding Planner strives to make the process easier, more straight-forward and completely centered around the soon-to-be newlyweds’ vision. Reach out today to connect with the wedding planner who takes your big day as seriously as you do.

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